The decision to restore regular flights between Armenia and Russia has not yet been made

The Civil Aviation Committee of Armenia urged citizens not to rush to purchase tickets for regular flights from Russia.

"We inform you that some Russian sites began offering tickets for regular flights from Russian cities to Armenia from August 1. But we want to note that the process of restoring regular communication between the countries has not yet been completed, the timing of the resumption of flights is at the stage of discussion," ...

Proceeding from this, the KGA urges citizens when buying tickets to be guided only by official information on the restoration of air traffic in order to avoid various problems. The Committee will communicate the timing as soon as information is received. "At the same time, we would like to emphasize that charter flights will continue to operate. Their schedule is constantly published on our pages in social networks," the message says. Flights from Russia, the USA and not only - new opportunities to return to Armenia >>

KGA reminds that the ban on entry to Armenia for persons who do not have citizenship, who are not family members of Armenian citizens and who do not have the legal right to reside in the country remain prohibited.

In addition, the citizens of Armenia cannot yet return to their homeland by land road through Upper Lars. The checkpoint is open only for cargo transportation.