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Day 1.

Arrival in Yerevan. Transfer to the hotel.

2nd half of the day

Sightseeing tour through Yerevan

The tour starts at Armenia's capital, which has recently celebrated its 2800th anniversary. The journey will begin in Republic Square, the city's geographic core. After that, we'll go to the station plaza, where one of Yerevan's emblems is located: a monument to David Sasunsky, the hero of the medieval Armenian epic. After that, we'll go up to Victory Park, which gives a stunning panoramic view of the city and biblical Ararat, passing via the Ring Boulevard. The tour will then continue along with the Yerevan Cascade, an open-air museum, and then along the avenue named after Mesrop Mashtots, the creator of the Armenian Alphabet. There we will see the Yerevan Municipality, the Sports and Concert Complex on Tsitsernakaberd Hill, and the Theater Square, which is near the National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater after Spendiaryan. Here is also Swan Lake and monuments to famous Armenian cultural representatives - composers Aram Khachaturian, Alexander Spendiaryan, Arno Babajanyan, poet and writer Hovhannes Tumanyan.

| Welcome dinner

Day 2. (from 10:00 ~ to 17:00)

1st half of the day

Yerevan - Garni Fortress - Geghard Monastery

We suggest going across time and space, from paganism to Christianity, from the pagan temple of the Sun God in the first century to the "cave monastery" Geghardavank, which name derives from Longinus' spear. The Roman centurion pierced the corpse of Jesus Christ on the Cross with this spear, and the Apostle Thaddeus transported its point to Armenia, along with many other relics. This shrine was once kept in the Geghard monastery complex (which means "spear" in Armenian), but currently, it is kept at the Etchmiadzin museum.

2nd half of the day | Lunch

Lake Sevan - Yerevan

The pearl of Armenia - Lake Sevan! Coming to Armenia and not visiting Sevan, not admiring its enchanting beauty, not visiting the churches on the top of the Sevan peninsula, not swimming (or, if it's not the season, at least washing with lake water), not tasting Sevan fish cooked over coals and crayfish kebab made from crayfish necks is at least criminal. It is worth noting that this is the largest lake in the Caucasus, as well as one of the largest high-altitude fresh lakes on Earth, second only to Lake Titicaca in terms of freshwater resources.

Day 3. (from 10:00 ~ to 17:00)

1st half of the day

Yerevan - Etchmiadzin

In the very heart of Vagharshapat – one of the most significant cultural and religious centers of Armenia, like the Vatican in the center of Rome – the Holy Mother See of Etchmiadzin is located. It is not only the spiritual capital of the Armenians but also the first Christian church in the world! As you know, in 301 Armenia was the first in the world to proclaim Christianity as the state religion, and in the same year, the foundation stone of the future temple was laid during the reign of King Trdat III.

2nd half of the day | Lunch

Amberd Fortress - Yerevan (from October to May Tsakhkadzor)

On the southern slope of the highest mountain in modern Armenia is Mount Aragats, facing the Ararat Valley, there is a fortress-castle Amberd, which was in the Middle Ages the ancestral possession of the Armenian princes of Pahlavuni. In 1026, at the behest of the famous military commander Vahram Pahlavuni, one of the best churches in its noble elegance was built in the fortress, on a harsh cliff.

Day 4. (from 10:00 ~ to 11:30)

1st half of the day

Yerevan Brandy Factory (the company reserves the right to postpone the tour)

Plunge into the holiest of holies of the Armenian brandy industry, try several types of truly noble drink, be initiated into the craft's secrets, meet with angels in the heart of Yerevan, and learn a lot of interesting things – about the secret connection between Stalin and Churchill, how kosher cognac is made, the rebirth of the Erivan fortress, nominal barrels, toasts, and much more – you will never be able to if you miss an excursion.  Do you enjoy French cuisine with chocolate? In Russian, with a squeeze of lemon? Or, as the Armenians would say, with cold delicious peaches? But keep in mind what Maxim Gorky said: "It's probably a lot simpler to climb Mount Ararat than it is to ascend from the Ararat plant's cellars."

2nd half of the day

Free time.

We recommend visiting: Vernissage and Central Market. (The vernissage is open every day, but only a small part. The main most part works on Saturday-Sunday).

Transfer to the airport.

At any time convenient for you
4 days/3 nights
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Day 1:
Transfer to the hotel, Yerevan City Tour
Day 2:
Lake Sevan
Day 3:
Echmiadzin, Zvartnots, Oshakan
Day 4:
Free route in Armenia


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Yerevan International Airport "Zvartnots" - is located 12 kilometers from the capital. Travel time: 30-40 minutes.
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2 Adults 1 Child 4* TRPL 86 000 
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2 Adults 1 Child 5* TRPL 94 000 
3 Adults No 3* TRPL 95 000 
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3 Adults 2 Children No No 98 000 
1 Adult 1 Child 5* DBL 99 000 
1 Adult 1 Child 5* TWN 99 000 
3 Adults No 4* TRPL 104 000 
2 Adults 2 Children 4* TRPL 104 000 
3 Adults 1 Child 3* TRPL 110 000 
3 Adults No 5* TRPL 113 000 
2 Adults 2 Children 5* TRPL 113 000 
3 Adults 1 Child 4* TRPL 121 000 
3 Adults 2 Children 3* TRPL 126 000 
3 Adults 1 Child 5* TRPL 131 000 
3 Adults 2 Children 4* TRPL 138 000 
3 Adults 2 Children 5* TRPL 150 000 
Вероника Евтушенко
Друзья, мы были в Вашей прекрасной стране Армении с 08 по 11.09.2022, очень все понравилось, начиная со встречи в Аэропорту г. Ереван. Встречал и сопровождал нас двоих дам очень профессиональный водитель на черном микроавтобусе Мерседес - Армен. Обаятельный и профессиональный гид нас сопровождал нас постоянно - Самвел, огромное спасибо!
Гостиница Валенсия оч. скромная завтраки с манной кашей и персонал как мухи сонные, сама гостиница не промытая, везде запах табака, комнаты жилые страшно прокурены и везде пепельницы стоят-жуть!
Страна с богатой и интересной историей, культурой, религией. Архитектура церквей и соборов, а так же старинных зданий очень красивая и самобытная! Кухня - еда очень вкусная, отдельное спасибо организаторам тура! Во всем остальном нам очень тур понравился, СПАСИБО большое!

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