Lake Sevan - Tsakhkadzor - Dilijan - Haghartsin - Goshavank

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Lake Sevan

The pearl of Armenia - Lake Sevan! Coming to Armenia and not visiting Sevan, not admiring its enchanting beauty, not visiting the churches on the top of the Sevan peninsula, not swimming (or, if it's not the season, at least washing with lake water), not tasting Sevan fish cooked over coals and crayfish kebab made from crayfish necks is at least criminal. It is worth noting that this is the largest lake in the Caucasus, as well as one of the largest high-altitude fresh lakes on Earth, second only to Lake Titicaca in terms of freshwater resources.


As locals joke, in winter it's skiers' time to come here, and in summer – mountaineers'. Look yourself: the Kecharis monastery complex, the Orbeli Brothers Museum, the monument to Leonid Yengibarov, Osip Mandelshtam's house, finally (drum roll!) beautiful ski slopes with a total length of more than 35 km – and all this in the popular ski and climatic resort of Tsakhkadzor, which means "valley of flowers" in Armenian.


Dilijan has long been a favorite resort for recreation, accommodation, and inspiration for artists, musicians, and other creative people. And it is not surprising that the picturesque city, surrounded by wooded mountains, is located on the territory of the reserve and has the status of a national park. People go to Dilijan at any time of the year to enjoy the beauty of "local Switzerland", learn the masterpieces of medieval Armenian architecture and, of course, improve their health with clean air and mineral water.


In the Tavush region, there is an incredibly beautiful monastery complex of Haghartsin. The monastery complex includes three churches, a refectory, prayer factories, khachkars. Once you are here you can never forget this place.


At the end of the 12th century, in the gorge of the Aghstev River surrounded by oak forests, an outstanding thinker, the author of the first trial, Mkhitar Ghosh founded the monastery of Nor Getik. The monastery complex, consisting of three churches, chapels, a book depository, and the destroyed mausoleum of Mkhitar Gosh, is now very popular among visitors and pilgrims.

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