Khor Virap - Areni - Noravank - Tatev

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Khor Virap

It is no coincidence that the monastery of Khor Virap ("Deep Dungeon") is considered the most sacred place in Armenia – after all, it was in the prison here that Gregory the Illuminator, who later baptized our country, languished for 14 years. It was here that by the power of faith, by the power of his prayer, he was able to resist death, and then gave Armenia a "new life" - this is how the adoption of Christianity as the state religion will be called after 301. Separately, it's worth noting that a beautiful view opens from Khor Virap: this is the closest point from the symbol of Armenia, the biblical Mount Ararat - only 7 km!.


Areni is one of the old and famous villages of Vayots Dzor. The village has ancient sites, several destroyed villages, numerous khachkars, and beautiful caves. Areni is also rich in nature, rocks, gorges, waterfalls.

Noravank Monastery

Red rocks, the picturesque Amagu gorge, and the unique Noravank monastery complex on the top of the mountain, stunning, right? The bas-relief of one of the churches depicts God the Father himself! With His right hand, He blesses the Crucifixion, and with His left He holds Adam's head with a dove hovering over it, symbolizing the Holy Spirit. Panoramic photos taken from a bird's-eye view will remind you of this exciting journey for a long time.


When talented craftsmen live on such a beautiful land, it turns out such a miracle as the Tatev Monastery - an example of the harmony of nature and architecture, the manifestation of spirit and thought. Tatev, a monastery complex of the IX-XIII centuries, located on the steep cliffs of the Vorotan River Gorge, was once the largest center of philosophical and scientific thought in medieval Armenia. Not so long ago, the National Geographic magazine included the Tatev Monastery in the list of the 10 most picturesque tourist places in the world. A special pleasure is a flight to the monastery on the Wings of Tatev, the world's longest reversible cable car stretched over the gorge and hills at an altitude of 320 m: 12 minutes of contemplation of the dizzying landscapes of this part of Syunik.

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