Аренда автомобиля минивэн с водителем

Individual, c 2 по 8 января 2021
25,000 Դ

Issued and paid online.

Мы дарим вам дополнительный кэшбэк! 3% — за онлайн-оплату.

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  • Free route in Yerevan up to 100 km per day
  • Driver's working hours: 09-00 to 19-00
  • In the case of an overnight stay, accommodation and meals for the driver are paid by the customer separately
  CODE Rent Availability Price  
Rent for a day 25,000 Դ
Rent from 12:00PM till 15:00PM 25,000 Դ
Rent from 15:00PM till 18:00PM 25,000 Դ
Rent for 2 days 35,000 Դ
Rent from 12:00PM till 18:00PM 35,000 Դ
Rent from 15:00PM till 21:00PM 35,000 Դ
Rent for 3 days 45,000 Դ
Rent from 12:00PM till 21:00PM 45,000 Դ
Rent for 4 days 60,000 Դ
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