Haghpat Monastery - Sanahin Monastery

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Sanahin Monastery

"This one is older than that" - this is the name of an outstanding architectural and cultural monument, and not just a monastery, but a well-known academy throughout medieval Armenia. Since the middle of the tenth century, one of the Sanaa churches, Surb Amenaprkich, has become the cathedral of the entire Lori Kingdom. When located across the gorge from their younger brother, the monastery of Haghpat, being in constant rivalry, the monks expressed it even in the name: about forty years Sanahin is really older than Haghpat. And if you look at the place from the other side, the "senior" lurks not far from the cliff of the picturesque canyon of the Debed River, over which a remarkable stone bridge with the name Sanainsky has been thrown in the town since 1192. Between the famous Lori monasteries there is a 10-kilometer trail, walking along which a bonus will be a meeting with the fortress of Kajan-berd and enjoying the view down to the Debed canyon. Like Haghpat, Sanahin is a UNESCO-listed site.

Haghpat Monastery

In the vicinity of the city of Alaverdi, on a plateau surrounded by gorges, for more than 10 centuries there is a large monastery, which became the spiritual and cultural center of the Lori kingdom, and soon the whole of Armenia. The buildings of Haghpat are beautiful, and quite well preserved. In addition, in Haghpat there is a rare khachkar "Amenaprkich" ("All – Saviour"), masterfully executed in 1273-it depicts a crucifixion, which is not typical for the Armenian tradition. The Haghpat monastery is also known for the fact that, having fallen into disgrace with the Georgian king, the famous Armenian poet and ashug, the master of love lyrics Sayat-Nova, spent several years of his life in it. Some claim that he is also buried there, although it is believed that he died and rested in Tbilisi. Of course, the Haghpat Monastery, like many others in Armenia, is included in the List of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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