Aruch, Marmashen, Gyumri, Harichavank

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This amazing tour will acquaint you with the only surviving pagan temple of Garni in Armenia, dating back to the era of paganism and Hellenism. This temple is picturesquely located on a high rocky cliff, 30 km. northeast of Yerevan. On three sides it is surrounded by deep gorges with picturesque vertical cliffs made of bizarre sheer stones. The ruins of the royal palace are located almost on the edge of the cliff.
The temple was built in the 1st century. n. e, and the Armenian kings, having fallen in love with this place, turned it into their summer residence.

During the tour, you will also get acquainted with the rarest architectural monument - the Geghard monastery of the 4th century, partially carved into the adjacent rock.
"Geghard" in Armenian means "spear", which killed the crucified Christ and which was kept in Geghard for 5 centuries (now it is kept in the Etchmiadzin Museum).

The Geghard monastery complex is included in the UNESCO heritage list.
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