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Saghmosavank Monastery is well known for its unique collection of manuscripts. Once upon a time unique manuscripts and manuscripts were created and copied here. In memory of his daughter Mamahatun, Prince Vachutyan and his wife founded a Scriptorium (a room for correspondence of manuscripts) in 1255.

Amberd Fortress

On the southern slope of the highest mountain in modern Armenia, Mount Aragats, facing the Ararat Valley, there is a fortress-castle Amberd, which was in the Middle Ages the ancestral possession of the Armenian princes of Pahlavuni. In 1026, at the behest of the famous military commander Vahram Pahlavuni, one of the best churches in its noble elegance was built in the fortress, on a harsh cliff.


Karmravor Church got its name because of the reddish tuff dome. Frescoes of the early Christian period, of historical significance, have been preserved inside the church. It is considered a place of pilgrimage for many Christians.


Oshakan is a major settlement in Armenia's Aragatsotn Province. It is well known among historians and Armenian Apostolic Church pilgrims as the location of the grave of Mesrop Mashtots, the founder of the Armenian alphabet.

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